Female Cancer Blood Tests

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Female Cancer Blood Tests

  • Alpha FetoProtein (AFP)
  • CA – 125
  • CA – 15.3
  • CA – 19-9
  • Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA)
  • Beta HCG Quantitative

In Medilife Home Healthcare, where we prioritize your health with a focus on proactive and personalized care. In this guide, we illuminate the significance of female cancer blood tests, including Alpha FetoProtein (AFP), CA – 125, CA – 15.3, CA – 19-9, Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA), and Beta HCG Quantitative.

Understanding Early Warning Signs of Cancer: What to Look For

In the early stages of cancer, the growing tumor can affect nearby parts of the body, causing certain signs. These symptoms include:

Unexplained Changes in Weight: Experiencing weight gain or loss without a clear reason.

Persistent Fatigue: Feeling tired even after resting, and the tiredness doesn't seem to improve.

Discovering Lumps: Finding unusual masses or bumps anywhere in the body.

Eating Challenges: Facing difficulties like trouble swallowing, persistent nausea, a lack of appetite, or vomiting.

Persistent or Worsening Pain: Feeling ongoing pain that doesn't go away or becomes more intense.

Headaches: Experiencing regular or severe headaches.

Night Sweats or Fevers: Having unexplained night sweats or consistently running a fever.

Hearing or Vision Issues: Noticing problems with hearing or seeing.

Mouth Problems: Experiencing numbness, bleeding, persistent sores, or pain in the mouth.


Experience the convenience of expert screenings within the comfort of your home.

Tailored Healthcare at Your Fingertips: Explore the seamless integration of female cancer blood tests into your healthcare routine with Medilife Home Healthcare. Our skilled professionals bring key screenings directly to you, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

Early Detection through Key Markers: Uncover the transformative power of early detection with our comprehensive blood tests. From AFP to CEA, understand how these markers play a crucial role in identifying potential health concerns before symptoms arise, leading to more effective treatment strategies.

Expert Guidance on CA – 125, CA – 15.3, and CA – 19-9: Our dedicated team provides expert guidance on specific markers such as CA – 125, CA – 15.3, and CA – 19-9. Learn about their roles in detecting and monitoring various female cancers, empowering you with knowledge for informed healthcare decisions.

Trust in Transparent Healthcare: At Medilife, trust and transparency are paramount. We address any concerns or misconceptions surrounding female cancer blood tests, fostering an environment where you feel confident and well-informed about your healthcare journey.


With Medilife Home Healthcare, take control of your well-being through comprehensive female cancer blood tests. Experience the convenience of personalized care, early detection, and expert guidance, all within the comfort of your home. Prioritize your health with Medilife by your side.

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