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STRAWBERRY KIDS is a premier pre school chain promoted by Medilife Healthcare, India's leading Healthcare group. Strawberry Kids, the Concept Pre-school was born from Medilfie group with the desire to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society.

Medilife is a creation of a team of professionals with third generation in Health care, with a passion to serve the society at large & to be undisputed leader in medical industry and Strawberry kid is the diversified sector of Medilife with the intention of developing an international level of education to the very young and Encourage each children to take up a hobby or sport that they will enjoy them to let loose and have fun but not something too competitive.

According to a research report on the education industry in India produced by CLSA, a respected research house, India ’s preschool sector already has an annual turnover of about Rs.5000 crores – and this when the penetration of preschool education among urban children is miniscule. In a short span of time, Strawberry Kids has established itself as the best-in-class player in preschool education with an innovative child-centric curriculum, happy students, satisfied parents and 200 dedicated franchise partners spread across the country. We follow the self defined Curriculum, a complete school & classroom lesson plan that encourage children to grasp concepts faster than traditional syllabi. The curriculum expounds experiential learning through active questioning, activities & collaborative learning.

A fun, interactive environment for people between 2 to 5 years old. Strawberry Kids is a beginner setting for children to spend a few hours away from home & helps them prepare to enter the portals of traditional education. Naughty, energetic young children can be their natural selves. We introduce them to lesson concepts & social interaction in a gentle way. Our curriculum plan comes from XSeed, a minute-by-minute lesson plan that includes the participation of pupils, teachers & parents.

Learning is a continuous process throughout our lives, culminating into a lifelong pursue of knowledge and wisdom. The early years of Childhood are wonderful years and therefore crucial for their formation. It has been established through numerous studies that the first five years are the most formative years for a child’s all round development. The nursery itself is supremely well equipped with educational activities and toys, designed to ensure your child develops all the necessary skills to progress to your chosen primary school in the future.


Our philosophy is to provide each child with the culturally appropriate environment, values, love and protection needed to grow healthily in body, mind and spirit. Our stimulating environment and scientifically based curriculum lay the foundation for nurtured roots to help every child to achieve success in all phases of life.


Childrens are like wet cement ……!!! Whatever falls on them makes an impression.!!!

Strawberry kids is able to provide the best possible environment for healthy development of young children following the Montessori System of teaching. This system neither imposes upon the child nor does it abandon him in total free play. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way. Following child-centered approach, theprogramme of the preschool is planned in such a way that it not only clarifies concepts, but also meets the various needs of the child as:- Refinement of senses

Our belief is that the roots of all great minds are laid in their formative years, and if equipped with a culturally appropriate and stimulating environment it will foster the success and growth of every individual. With a dedicated R&D team, we have devised the perfect curriculum that nourishes the roots and expands the wings of our children. We have incorporated Eclectic and Seven Petal Approach which ensures the overall development of a child. Before starting any lesson be clear about what outcomes we want to see for the students. Start the lesson with an activity where children have their own experience and 'try out. 'Introduce the concept to students formally through questions and discussions. Self study and worksheet completion with reflective questions and challenging problems. At Strawberry kids at each step we ensure that high quality standards are maintained.


Art projects are particularly good for giving young children a chance to create and be independent at the same time. Children are not born knowing what is acceptable and unacceptable. They watch how you behave and how you treat them and others. Parents fears for their children safety, if extreme, can have an adverse effect on their children confidence and self-esteem. As a parent,how you express your corrective guidance makes all the difference in how your child receives it. Motivate your children with positive reinforcement, help them set realistic goals and have attainable expectations for your child. Always encourage your child. Never tell a child that he is bad. That tears at his self-esteem. Help your child recognize that it isn't that you do not like him, but it is his behavior that you are unwilling to tolerate. Make simple rules for your child. Start with a few "things we do and don't do." Discuss them with your child. If you feel that your child's behavior is beginning to get out of control, "nip it in the bud" by distracting your child's attention onto a positive activity or game. Words hurt, too. Try to avoid yelling at your children in anger. Do not put down your children. If they break a rule, tell them what they did wrong and why that makes you angry. Be angry at what they did, NOT at who they are. Establish a reliable routine. A clear and consistent routine helps a child feel safe and secure. Clear-cut rules help a child learn what is right and wrong. Be consistent! If you say "no" to your child, make sure you both understand what that means and keep to the rule. Then act quickly (seconds), firmly and safely when it is challenged. Carry out any threatened punishment. Do not yell. Your child wants to know that your "no" means no. Wear sunscreen, hats and sun protection clothing keep children well hydrated cover and fence pools/keep a phone and emergency numbers close Always supervise children around any water, from oceans and pools to bathtubs and buckets. Check your child's records to ensure that immunizations are up-to-date and keep a copy of those records. Never leave a child unattended in a car. Always check behind your car before leaving. Do not wear headphones. It's important to be able to hear horns and other traffic noise. Use corner guards on furniture edges and blind cord shorteners to prevent strangulation hazards. Tack down loose carpet to avoid unnecessary falls. Porches, balconies and stairs should have guardrails; install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairways. Check for food and drink "hot spots" before giving them to children. Food can heat unevenly. Keep electrical appliances away from water and out of reach of children. When cooking, keep handles on cookware turned inward. Create barriers. Lock doors to dangerous areas, open windows from the top or use window guards; screens will not prevent a fall. Watch furniture placement. Keep furniture away from windows. Secure big pieces of furniture – especially bookcases and entertainment centres – to the wall. Be careful with baby walkers. If you choose to use one, be sure it has a wide base, and never leave the child unattended in the walker. Store dangerous household products out of reach of children. Store all products in their original containers with the labels intact. Check your detectors and change the batteries twice a year. Create a fire evacuation plan for your family. Keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home. Do not smoke in your home. Dress for playground safety. Avoid clothing with drawstrings at the head or neck area or loose clothing. Tie up long hair. Always wear shoes. Check for playground safeness: a soft, deep surface of sand, pea gravel or wood chips and hot metal surface, jagged edges or broken pieces. Keep emergency phone numbers by EVERY phone, as well as having a copy in your car and office. Know the location of the hospital and/or urgent care centre closest to your home. Schedule physical exams every year. Check hearing every year age 3-12, then at age 15 and 18. Checking vision every year age 3-12, then at age 15 and 18. Set realistic expectations for development. See our child development section and check with your paediatrician. Don't put your baby in bed with a bottle. Start dental visits at age three; then twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. Using a soft toothbrush, help your child brush for two minutes twice a day, including right before bed. Make activity part of your lifestyle. Have your child learn a new sport or take the dog for a daily 30-minute walk. Limit or change snacks. Make sure you have only healthy choices in the house. Warm up and suit up! Make sure children warm up before playing sports and that they wear the correct protective gear for sports. Have a plan for when injuries occur


"STRAWBERRY KID" is an opportunity for you to set in on a rewarding journey towards true achievements and accolades. We are looking for franchise partners having the right mindset, inclination to be in Preschool with adequate investment capacity.

As a franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide you the staff training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available international concepts and have fine-tuned tools you will need to ensure your success in the project. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy are:

Our team of interior designers, carpenters, painters etc will setup your branch as soon as possible, with minimum wastages to ensure that it is up to the high standards that are expected from Shemrock!

We provide extensive training in the fine art of operating a franchise. New franchisees will go through an intensive and focused training that will acclimatize them to the fine art of operating a branch. Your training will cover all aspects of operations including the business, educational and cultural aspects which ensure that the new franchise owner is made a member of Strawberry kid family before he takes up his new venture. The training takes place at a training branch or the franchised location.

An experienced Medilife representative provides on-site assistance to guide you through the launch process.


You can contact our support staff at any time to assist you with day-to day operating matters. Additionally, a representative will visit your branch periodically to review progress and provide any assistance you may need.

We arrange with suppliers for the items required to run your operation. In most cases, you will benefit from reduced prices due to our network buying capabilities. These savings help you to optimize your margins.

We continually review and evaluate opportunities for new ideas enhancement of existing services.

We work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts - all in step with our dynamic image. All our franchisees have access to professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing material. Material include designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing advertising, public relations material, leaflets, banners, cable advertising etc. All this material produced over the last 16 years is geared to produce results and give our franchisees a competitive edge above the rest.

Franchisees receive the tools they need to run their franchises - our custom designed books, curriculum plans, lesson plans, important notices, support material for functions, celebrations and shared learning from other branches are just some of the materials that are constantly provided to all our franchises.

It's plain business sense - The children win, The Franchises win, The Franchisor win.



4 -8 Lakhs (Depending on the city & location) on the infrastructure.

License Fee:
1.5 to 3 Lakhs (Depending on the city) at the time of agreement.

As royalty, we take 15% of the collection as our franchise fee

December 28 2012
Opened its new office at Malaysia for international operations.

December 23, 2011
Dr.Navas Usman was awarded for the Excellence in Medical Field By Srichitra Tirunal Smaraka Foundation.

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